Are you a first-time buyer? Here is why you should work with a buyers agency

There are several internet services that can assist you in finding your first property as a first-time buyer. Websites like Zillow make it simple to locate properties for sale. They also mention open house dates and hours, so all you have to do is show up and take a look. However, there are several advantages to using a buyers agency.

So, why should you hire a buyers agency to assist you with the home-buying process?

Only 60% of house purchasers employed a buyers agency, according to research by the National Association of Realtors. Is there any difference?

It’s possible. Here are five more compelling reasons to hire a buyers agency.

Reason #1: it is completely free, and you may be eligible for cash refunds.

You may wonder how this is feasible. To begin with, a buyer does not pay an agent; instead, after the home is sold, the buyers agency shares the fee with the seller’s agent. In this newly competitive market, buyer agents will return a percentage of their commission to purchasers in order to persuade them to cooperate with them. And in certain cases, these cash returns might be worth up to $20,000. To learn more, go to now. Consider what you could do with the additional funds.

Reason #2: Unlike the sellers, a buyers agency works for you.

Yes, they get money when you purchase a house, but a buyers agency usually signs a contract stating their commitment to you and stating that they will work tirelessly to help you find the perfect property at the right price. Because the seller is nearly always represented by a listing agent, having your interests represented by a buyers agency ensures that your rights are protected and that an expert in the field negotiates the best deal on your behalf (we will talk more about this below). A buyers agency will also handle all of the laborious paperwork on your behalf and link you with specialists like inspectors and contractors, saving you both time and money.

Reason #3: A buyers agency is a custodian of personal property

A buyers agency is a custodian of personal property

What is a curator of personal property? In other words, it’s someone who selects properties that you’ll like. Similarly to how a museum curator picks the greatest art items for museum visitors to admire. Sure, you may continue to search for homes on your own, and you can even set up a variety of alerts to tell you when a house that you desire becomes available. But isn’t this your first time looking for a home? Isn’t it good to have an additional set of eyes to assist you?

Reason #4: Access to insider information

Isn’t it nice to know about a house that’s set to be placed for sale before it’s ever advertised? A buyers agency who are highly connected has access to houses that are not yet on the market. In many markets, transactions take place before a home is even listed for sale. A buyers agency has been known to send out marketing letters to houses that purchasers were interested in communities with low inventory levels. Some have been successful in contacting sellers prior to the home being on the market!

Reason #5: High-powered price hagglers

For many individuals, purchasing a house is the single most important purchase they will ever make. Negotiation may be a lot like a poker game, with hundreds of thousands of dollars on the line. One of the most challenging and stressful aspects of the home-buying process is making an offer and negotiating with a seller.

A top buyers agency, on the other hand, has undoubtedly gone through this process many times and is well-versed in all the tricks of the trade. They’ll not only do extensive analyses of comps (or comparables) to assist you in determining the value of similar houses, but they’ll also assist you in determining the best bidding and negotiating approach. As a result, you’ll be able to find the ideal property at an affordable price. Read more about A quick overview of what a buyers agency agreement is? by clicking here.

Reason #6: Experts in the local market

 Experts in the local market

Many agents specialize in operating within a certain neighborhood in addition to their unique designations. Find a real estate agent that is active in the neighborhood and has a strong market presence if you’re wanting to move to a certain location. An agent who knows the region can provide you with information about local market circumstances that an outsider may not be aware of. Visit to read about A quick overview of what a buyers agency agreement is?

Other relevant considerations

It’s not enough to employ a top-notch buyer’s agent; you also want to be sure they’re looking out for your best interests. Looking for features that test their integrity is the best method to guarantee this.


Are they telling the truth? Do they have morals? It’s vital to engage with a reputable real estate agent. Agents who offer you rainbows and fairy tales should be avoided.

Is it necessary to make alterations to your house in order for it to sell? Is it possible that you should be more realistic in your offer on your dream home? A real estate agent who isn’t upfront with you about these concerns might lose you the chance.

You want an agent that prioritizes your needs above their own. If you’re searching for a three-bedroom, two-bathroom property, you’ll want to look at everything in your price range and vicinity, including those that offer a lower commission (that cuts their income).

Your Real Estate Agent Should Be Researched

First, choose a few agencies with whom you’d want to work and schedule an interview with each of them…

Starting with recommendations is a terrific way to go.

Then, during the interview, request a list of the homes the agent has listed and sold in the previous year, as well as contact information for the buyer or seller. Consult previous clients on the agent’s communication style, ethics, and expertise.

Last but not least, have a look at their previous and current postings. You have the option of using or the agent’s own website. Is the property you wish to purchase or sell comparable to theirs? Do they operate in your market?

Agents may compete for your business if you let them.

There are good and terrible agents in the world. We encourage having agents compete for your business rather than researching agents via a directory or paid network like Zillow or Trulia. You’ll know they’ll be the greatest fit this way. Submit an application on a website like UpNest and interview a few agents. Examine their history, experience, and what they’ve done in the past for customers. And, of course, make sure your communication styles are comparable. Agents that are actually able to deal with individuals like you are not simply clever and driven.